This time around for our “So You Think You Can Style?” contest, we asked stylists to put their creativity to the test with 'Short & Sweet' cuts. Whether it was a pixie cut or bob, this contest landed us with 6 finalists!

Over the past few weeks, votes were cast by both Salon Magazine readers and followers on social media to determine who would be making it to the next round of judging!

So without further ado, here are our “So You Think You Can Style?” Short & Sweet finalists! Congratulations!

Anderson Stewart

Stewart Anderson

Hurlburt Cia Cia Hurlburt Jagoda Osaka Osaka Jagoda
Laszlo Bernadette Bernadette Laszlo McGregor Ashli Ashli McGregor Parente Marlise Marlise Parente

In Case You Missed It…

As we’ve already previously stated this year, we’re judging the winners of our “So You Think You Can Style?” photo contests a little differently in 2018. The first round of each contest is now judged by popular vote, with family, friends, fans and strangers voting for their favourite entry. The top 50% of entrants with the most votes following the voting period become our “So You Think You Can Style?” Short & Sweet finalists, from which our judges panel at Salon Magazine will choose the top three, who become our winners.

The winner, along with the second- and third-place finalists, will be announced on Thursday, January 18. Until then, check out the entries of our past winners!

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